Filling the Tub

Filling the tub with hot water from the hot water connection to your washing machine or tap will speed up the heating process, be more cost effective and increase your enjoyment time.  By running the hot water for 8-10 minutes at a time and then letting the tank recover (until it shuts off), the tub will be ready to use in 2.5-3 hours.  When filling the tub with cold water, the expected heat up time will be approximately 1.5-2 degrees per hour.  The hot tub should not be plugged in until the water level is approximately 1.5 inches above the skimmer basket and the hot tub should not be run if the water level drops below this point. When initially plugging the tub in, it will run through it’s start-up cycle. Do not press any buttons until it has completed the start-up.

NOTE: To prevent excess water loss when more than 4 persons are using the spa (and having to refill the hot tub in cold weather) it is recommended to remove several pails of water and set them aside. The water can then be put back into the hot tub at the end of use.


Chlorine/Bromine – Once the hot tub has been filled, place 2 pucks in the basket of the skimmer assembly and place 1 full cap of shock in the water. NOTE: you do not need a floating chemical dispenser with our tubs.

Spa Marvel – Once the hot tub has been filled and HEATED TO TEMPERATURE, deposit half of the 473ml bottle of the ‘Water Treatment & Conditioner’ into the water. You will still need to use a sanitizer with Spa Marvel which means adding a puck of either chlorine or bromine to the basket of the skimmer assembly.

Peroxysan – Once the hot tub has been filled, pour 3/4 of a 4L jug into the water.

Note: filling the tub with lake water may require some extra chemicals.

Control Functions – Gecko IN.Xe/ IN.Ye Controller

Your keypad will have 4 keys: the power/pump button is first on the left;  second, is the light button; third, is the up arrow; and, fourth, is the down arrow.

Power/Pump Key – This button is used to turn on the pump or to select between off, low and high speeds. Press the power/pump key to turn the pump on low speed (if the pump is off). A second press will change the pump speed to high. The pump will automatically shut off high speed after 20 minutes and return to off or low speed (if it was heating or filtering before you put it on high speed). Holding the pump/power button down for 5 seconds will temporarily turn the tub off for 30 minutes to complete quick spa maintenance.

Light Key – Press the light button to turn the light on. Press the light button a second time to turn the light off. Pressing the light button repeatedly will advance the colour to the next setting (there are 9 settings). A built-in timer automatically turns the light off after 2 hours. When you turn the light on, it will remember which setting you had it on last.

Up/Down Keys – The default set point of the water temperature is 98F. You can raise or lower the water temperature by pressing the up arrow or down arrow keys located on the right side of the key pad. After selecting the temperature you desire, the screen will revert to the temperature the water is currently at.

There are 6 lights above the keys on the keypad:

Smart Winter Mode Indicator (snowflake): is the first light on the left. Winter mode is a default setting that protects the tub from freezing. If the temperature in the access area (where motor/pump & controller are) drops below a certain temperature, winter mode will initiate by starting the motor to generate heat and to circulate the water, preventing it from freezing.

Pump/Power Indicator:  is the second light from the left. This light should flash when the pump is on low speed (heating or filter) and be solid when the pump is on high speed.

Light Indicator (sun): is the third light from the left. This light will be solid when the LED light is on in the tub.

Filter Indicator: is the fourth light from the left. This light will be solid when the tub is filtering.

Heater Indicator (SS): is the fifth light form the left. This light will be solid when the heater is on and will flash when the temperature has been increased but the heater has not yet started. The tub will automatically circulate the water every 1.5 hours to check the temperature.

Set Point Indicator (thermometer): is the sixth light from the left. This light becomes solid to indicate that the temperature displayed is not the current temperature of the water, but that of the desired water temperature. It will flash to indicate the desired temperature has been changed.

Filtration Cycle

The tub comes with a default filtration setting of D2 F4; D= duration (in hours) and F= frequency within 24hrs. This setting does not need to be adjusted unless you are having issues with the water chemistry. In warmer months, the tub comes on less often to heat, so, increasing the filtration setting may be necessary. To change the filtration setting, see the FAQ page.


Please click here to download a copy of our manual.