Just Plug It In…

It’s as simple as that….. a household 110v plug and you’re done. More expensive permanent hot tubs, firstly, cost substantially more. Expect to pay two to three times as much. They require a dedicated electrical circuit and poured concrete pad to support the weight. Expect to pay an additional $1000.00 to $2000.00 for these requirements. The electrical costs to run these hot tubs are substantially higher as is the cost of accessories and options. In the Canadian climate they often cannot be installed in the winter months due to frost.


Woman Rolling RotospaPortability and simplicity does not mean sacrifice. ROTOSPA portable hot tubs offer al the features you are looking for. Powerful jets, comfortable seating, easy access, excellent filtration, and subtle lighting make ROTOSPA the truly full featured portable hot tub.

You can take comfort and fun with you wherever you go with ROTOSPA, the full featured portable hot tub. Weighing just 250 pounds, they are easily transported in a trailer or pick up truck and will roll through a doorway opening. Use it at home in the winter and the cottage in the summer. Simply fill your ROTOSPA hot tub, plug it and relax. No special wiring or plumbing is required.


  • DEPTH 33″
  • JETS 20 Total
  • SEATING Comfortable surround seating for 6 people
  • CONTROLS Digital temperature read out, high/low jets, light control, automatic filtration
  • FILTRATION 50 sq. ft. filter with surface skimmer
  • INSULATION 2lb outdoor use high density foam.
  • HEATER: 110v plug with 1 KW element or hardwire 220v with 4 KW element (comes with both elements)
  • PUMP: 1.5HP, 2 speeds, high/low
  • SHELL one piece, rotationally molded high density
  • EMPTY WEIGHT 275lbs
  • FULL WEIGHT 3000lbs
  • COVER 4″ one piece with fold in middle
  • SAFETY LOCKS 4 locks on lid
  • WARRANTY 5 years on shell, 2 years pump, 3 years element

Quality and Comfort

ROTOSPA portable hot tubs are designed with your comfort in mind. Every tub is built with care and attention to detail. The hot tub shell withstands the demands of a cold climate and will provide you with a lifetime of hot tub pleasure. ROTOSPA hot tubs are water tested three times during fabrication so you are guaranteed to have a water tight hot tub. The pumps and components have been carefully chosen for performance and durability and are the same as the components in a much more expensive tub. The comfort you get from a ROTOSPA Hot Tub is a full luxury experience. Imagine relaxing in the lounge seating as the powerful jets massage your back, feet and lift your spirit. Let the subtle lighting set the mood and forget the troubles of the day, every day. You owe it to yourself and your family to find out how a ROTOSPA portable hot tub can make life just a little better.


ROTOSPA portable hot tubs offer all of the features and conveniences you are looking for at an unbeatable price. There are no additional expenses such as wiring or site preparation involved in installing your hot tub and the low operating cost provides means you can afford to use it every day. Visit your local ROTOSPA dealer and find out why ROTOSPA portable hot tubs are the value leader. ROTOSPA portable hot tubs represent an investment in your home and yourself, but the real investment is in your quality of life. Find comfort and connection with yourself and those you love in a ROTOSPA portable hot tub.