Woman in a  Rotospa

Why are they called ROTOSpas?

The shell of every ROTOSpa hot tub is constructed using a process called rotational molding. Shell ingredients are placed in a mold which is rotated horizontally and vertically then baked producing a one piece shell which is incredibly strong and impervious to environmental influences. It is guaranteed for five years but we know it will provide years of trouble free enjoyment. It is called a spa because it is a special place to relax.

Why should I purchase a RotoSpa?

ROTOSpa is by far your best value in a portable hot tub. It is a full featured portable hot tub that will provide years of enjoyment for you and your family at a reasonable cost. Every ROTOSpa hot tub is made using our exclusive one- piece moulding process making it a more durable product than acrylic and fibreglass alternatives. And no wood enclosure means less maintenance over the long run.

Where are they made?

ROTOSpa hot tubs are manufactured in Lakefield, Ontario which is just outside of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

What is involved in installing one of your hot tubs?

Place your hot tub on any surface strong enough to support the weight of the hot tub such as a deck or patio – – anywhere really. Fill the hot tub from a standard water source and plug it into your household outlet. Your hot tub will be ready to enjoy once the heater achieves your desired temperature. Now just sit back and relax.

How much do they weigh full of water?

The full hot tub weighs approximately 3100 pounds

How heavy are they empty?

A ROTOSPA hot tub weighs 275 pounds when empty. They are round which makes them easy to roll.

Can I put it on my deck?

Most decks can easily support the weight or be upgraded with minimal effort and expense.

Can I use it year round?

Yes. ROTOSPAs are fully insulated and sealed. Think of our shells as a Thermos – they lock the heat in and the cold out.

How do they maintain their temperature?

A thermostatically controlled heater maintains the water temperature In the hot tub. You set the temperature – approximately 100 degrees F. in the summer, 104 degrees F. in the winter, and the hot tub will maintain that temperature on its own. ROTOSpa hot tubs have a 1KW heating element in its 110v household plug mode, which becomes with a 4KW heating element when wired for 220v.

What is the warranty?

Our hot tubs feature a Five year warranty on the shell, three years on the electronics, and 2 years on the pump.

Do you provide servicing?

Every ROTOSpa dealer is factory trained.


All hot tubs require periodic checking of the water chemistry and filter rinsing. Tubs marketed as self cleaning use the same filtration system as ROTOSPA and require exactly the same maintenance. ROTOSPA’s do not develop an etched waterline unlike acrylic tubs. Because the material is a solid core, a ROTOSPA hot tub keeps its new appearance for years.

What makes your hot tub different from the competition?

We have determined that our competition comes from lightweight portable hot tubs and more expensive permanent hot tubs.
Lightweight portable hot tubs generally are light because they are made from a foam core with a vinyl liner and outer skins, which will eventually stretch, fade, rip and need to be replaced at your expense. These vinyl surfaces absorb mildew and odours reducing the life of the tub. They generally lack seating and features found on more luxurious hot tubs.

More expensive permanent hot tubs, firstly, cost substantially more. Expect to pay two to three times as much. They require a dedicated electrical circuit and poured concrete pad to support the weight. Expect to pay an additional $1000.00 to $2000.00 for these requirements. The electrical costs to run these hot tubs are substantially higher as is the cost of accessories and options. In the Canadian climate they often cannot be installed in the winter months due to frost.

How much will it cost me to operate my hot tub?

Expect to pay approximately up to $15.00 per month in the summer and up to $30.00 in the coldest month of the winter.

Is the fact they are Canadian made an advantage?

Yes. We live in this climate and designed our hot tubs to withstand the demands of the elements. Many of our competitors hot tubs are made in warmer climates and shipped north. They often lack insulation and their components are not designed to meet the rigours of the Canadian climate.